VFX COMPOSITING AND EDITING - Arena Animation - Barasat



This is a program that trains students in compositing & editing part of Visual Effects. The world of Visual Effects relies on the wizardry of VFX Compositors & Video Editors. From Spiderman jumping across buildings to Bahubali fighting an entire army, everything is the magic of post-production. Compositing & editing are the two most important aspects of this process.

 VFX Compositors are responsible for photorealistic output by seamlessly integrating live action footage & computer graphics 2D and or 3D, special effects.

 Video Editing requires visual aesthetic, a sense of pacing to draw out the emotion of the story and a attention to detail.

 The Artistic skills required for the role of VFX Compositor and Video Editor is the understanding of the elements of composition, lighting and shadow, and Color.


  • Use Digital Image Designing & Editing tools
  • Understanding about Camera, Lens, Composition & Techniques of Cinematography and Photography
  • Learn to edit sound and video
  • Learn the fundamentals of Light, Colour and Perspectives 
  • Integrate 2D, 3D imagery and live action footages using compositing techniques.
  • Understand and Use Storytelling techniques to write a Script for a Short Film / Ad Commercial
  • Understand the Storyboarding techniques and How to create an Animatic
  • Learn Storytelling techniques to create a Previz in 3D
  • Learn to Key Blue and Green screen footages
  • Learn the techniques of Matchmove (Camera Tracking & Object Tracking)
  • Understand the interface and working of Node-based VFX Compositing tool, Nuke
  • Understand the technique of creating Matte Painting
  • Understand the process & techniques of Paint, Cleanup and Wireremoval
  • Learn to apply various Rotoscopy techniques used in VFX
  • Learn Colour Correction and Grading for Videos
  • Understand the grammar of the Edit anduse those techniques for editing videos and films

Job Profiles

Junior Profile

  • Previz Artist

  • Compositors

  • Roto Artist

  • RotoPrep Artist

Senior Profile

  • Paint Artist

  • 3D Tracking Artist

  • Matte Paint Artist

  • Match move Artist

  • Video Editor

Expert Profile

  • Colour Grading Artist
  • Motion Graphics Designer