GWDD PLUS - Arena Animation - Barasat



Graphics Web Design & Development (GWDD) Plus is a comprehensive program that
trains students in all aspects of Graphic & Web Designing, development along with digital marketing which makes you a complete digital media professional.

It uses industry-endorsed techniques to make the student an in demand new media
creative professional for rich multimedia content, visually appealing websites, logos for advertisements, concepts of digital graphics, concepts of programming, image editing for print & publishing, Internet advertising, Mobile Marketing etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the fundamentals of Graphics and various aspects of drawings
  • Explain principles of good web design
  • Explain the fundamentals of typography and its scope and application in contemporary society
  • Create artworks/Illustrations
  • Design UI elements
  • Use Image Editing tools and retouch images
  • Create 2d animation with basic interactive content for web
  • Incorporate graphics and hyperlinks, and creating rich Web contents
  • Understand the concepts of programming
  • Understand the use of angular JavaScript in making Web pages more dynamic and functional.
  • Learn Bootstrap; Free & open-source frontend web framework for designing Websites and Web applications
  • Design, code and develop websites and web pages.
  • Create a website structure and manage its content
  • Explain optimization of web sites for search engine ranking
  • Analyse and optimize web site performance, tracking traffic trends, and conversations
  • Demonstrate the understanding of Digital marketing and media concepts
  • Effectively run advertisements on Search Engines
  • Get website listed for top search engine results
  • Implement best practices for creating, measuring, and optimizing display ad campaigns
  • Effectively build your users lists, deliver emails & generate relevant clicks
  • Understand mobile marketing measurement and analytics
  • Make business decisions from the metrics available in Digital Media

Job Profiles

Term 1

  • Web Designer

  • UI Designer

  • Layout Designer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Flash Animator

Term 2

  • Web Developer

  • SEO Consultant

  • Content Management System Specialist

Term 3

  • Digital Sales Executive

  • SEO Executive

  • Digital Marketing Executive