ANIMATION-VFX PRIME PROGRAM - Arena Animation - Barasat



Arena Animation -Vfx Prime is a dual domain program that train students endto-end in all aspects of Animation & visual effects to make them job-ready professional. It gives a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of

 Animation – 2D and 3D

 Typography

 Digital filmmaking

 FX

 Dynamics & simulation
It also trains on the latest technologies and tools used in the Animation and Visual Effects industry.


  • Use Digital Image Designing & Editing tools
  • Understand the Concepts of Design & Composition
  • Learn the fundamentals of Light, Colour and Perspectives
  • Understanding about Camera, Lens, Composition & Techniques of Cinematography and Photography
  • Understand and Learn about Character construction and designing a character
  • Understand about 2D Digital Animation and learn the 12 Animation principle
  • Learn about Anatomy by creating models in Clay and create a stopmotion animation using those clay models
  • Learn Character Designing
  • Learn to edit sound and video
  • Understand and Use Storytelling techniques to write a Script for a Short Film / Ad Commercial
  • Understand the Storyboarding techniques and How to create an Animatic
  • Create a Pre-Production Design portfolio
  • Understand the 3D Animation Production pipeline from Modeling to Animation
  • Understand and Learn How to create 3D models
  • Learn Digital Sculpting techniques
  • Learn UV Mapping and creating textures for objects, human & environments
  • Apply Lighting, Shading & Rendering of scenes using relevant tools and techniques
  • Understand and Create Rigs for Organic & Inorganic objects and characters
  • Animate characters and objects using principles of animation
  • Learn to create Character FX – Hair, Fur along with Cloth & Fluid Simulation
  • Understand Photogrammetry techniques to create 3D Models & scenes for the purpose of 3D Printing
  • Learn and execute the process of Rendering Scenes using Arnold Understand and Learn Layer-based Digital compositing techniques
  • Create a 3D Project Portfolio
  • Learn Storytelling techniques to create a Previz in 3D
  • Understand the interface and working of Node-based VFX Compositing tool, Nuke
  • Learn to apply various Rotoscopy techniques used in VFX
  • Understand the process & techniques of Paint, Clean-up and Wireremoval
  • Learn to Key Blue and Green screen footages
  • Understand the technique of creating Matte Painting
  • Learn the techniques of Camera Tracking & Object Tracking
  • Integrate 2D, 3D imagery and live action footages using compositing techniques.
  • Create a VFX Project Portfolio

Job Profiles

Term 1

  • Pre-Production Artist

  • Character Designer

  • 2D Digital Artist

  • Storyboard Artist
  • Animatics Artist

Term 2

  • 3D Asset Artist

  • 3D Modeller

  • Texturing Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • Rigging Artist

  • 3D Generalist
  • 3D Animator
  • FX Artist
  • Photogrammetry Artist
  • Motion Graphic Designer

  • CG Compositor

Term 3

  • Previz Artist

  • Roto Artist

  • Roto-Prep Artist

  • Paint Artist

  • Matte Paint Artist

  • Matchmove Artist
  • 3D Tracking Artist
  • Compositors