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Arena Animation Film Design Program (AFD) is a comprehensive program that trains students end-to-end training in all aspects of Animation Production to make you job-ready professional.

It gives you a thorough grounding in all the fundamentals & techniques of Pre-production, Anatomy design, Animatics , visualization, Character Design & Development, Animation Scene Planning and 2D Animation.

The program trains you on the latest tools and technologies used in the Animation industry.



This semester focuses on developing creativity and drawing skills for Animation through study of design, anatomy, light & shade, and perspectives. It concentrates on various concepts, techniques and design for animation. The focus is on development of ideas into concepts, scriptwriting for animation, character designing, concept art, acting and voice characterization, visual scripting using film grammar, drawing storyboards to creating Animatics. At the end of the semester, the students have to prepare a project which includes Pre-Production of an original concept of 30-60 second duration.


At the end of this semester, the student will be able to, discuss the concepts of design and animation fundamentals. They will be able to define and discuss the design for animation and the preproduction process. The student will also be able to convert their original ideas into concepts and prepare pre-production work of the concept.

Learning Outcome

The students will learn to appreciate art for animation, animation process, understand basics of animation, and convey their ideas through drawing. The student will have the skills of a PreProduction artist with the complete technical know-how of the animation pre-production process.


This semester focuses on study of Basic Animation principles and timing for animation. In this semester, students will apply their knowledge of drawing and concentrate on 2D Classical Animation Production – Drawing Key frames,

in-betweening , clean ups, line testing, digital ink and paint to 2D Digital Post Production by adding dialogues, sound effects and background music and final editing.


At the end of this semester, the student will be able to discuss, the process of 2D Classical Animation production.

Learning Outcome

The students have the knowledge of 2D Classical animation production. The Students will be gain proficiency in creating 2D animation for various avenues such a Film, TV, Ads, Web and e-learning.


This semester concentrates on the process of 3D animation production. The focus is on various aspects of 3D Animation Production from 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Character Animation, Lighting, Dynamics and Simulations, Rendering, Digital Video Editing, Color Grading and Finishing. The focus of this module is to understand the various processes of 3D Animation production and concentrating on Rigging & 3D Character Animation.


At the end of this semester, the student will be able to, apply their skills to understand the Animation Post Production process with modules on 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Character Animation, Dynamics, Motion capture, Visual effects and Video Editing. A student finally would have to create a 3D Portfolio of his or her specialization in 3D Character Animation.

Learning Outcome

The student would understand the 3D production process and various aspects of the 3D production pipeline. The students would develop skills to create a 3D Character model, texture the character, Character Rigging, Lighting and Rendering the scenes.

Job Profiles

  • Pre – production artist

  • 2D Animator

  • Character Designer

  • BG Artist

  • Layout Artists
  • Storyboard Artist

  • 2D Digital Animator

  • 2D Illustrator

  • 3d Modeler

  • Rigging Artist
  • Texturing Artist

  • Lighting Artist

  • 3D Animator

  • 3D Dynamics and Fx Artist

  • Compositing/ Visual Effects Artist and many more…