Arena Animation International Program – Visual Effects (AAIP – VFX) is an intensive career course that will train you in all aspects of visual effects. The course helps you create special effects for films, TV shows, ads, games, digital media, etc. You can learn 3D modeling, digital sculpting, character animation, rotoscopy, and more.

Create magical realms, extinct and imaginary characters, never seen before actions, merge live with fiction through VFx. The AAIP VFx program offers end-to-end training in Animation and VFx and enables you to pursue a successful VFx career.



The blockbuster success of Hollywood and Bollywood movies made using VFx is leading to an increasing demand from studios for VFx professionals. Indian studios continue to successfully partner International production teams on their VFx requirement and the demand continues to increase.


Corporates large and small continue to invest large spends in innovative advertising. As the competition gets intense, the need to get eyeballs in a cluttered market has led to an increase in demand for VFx.


The parallel world of internet continues to grow and therefore the demand for VFx to bring it alive through websites, microsites, portals, exciting visual content for online channels, pages, sites.

*By 2020, the worth of the Indian VFX industry is expected to be Rs. 9000 crores*. Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, ads – each of these use visual effects to produce high-quality output. From car blasts in a live-action film to leaves blowing in an animated movie, all the effects are designed and created by special effects artists. You can be one of these highly-paid, in-demand, talented artists!

Course Highlights
  • Access Onlinevarsity: Onlinevarsity is Arena’s exclusive web portal for students. You can log in to this portal to get course material, discuss doubts & problems with professors at any time of the day or night, chat with your classmates, plan activities or projects, get references to more learning resources, see samples & references of good work, etc.
  • Learn all techniques of animation and VFX using Pixar RenderMan, Golaem Crowd, NUKE, NUKEX, and Mocha.
  • Practical application using latest versions of VFX & compositing tools/ software.
  • Projects at regular intervals.
  • Specialization in your chosen area & create a professional 3D portfolio.
  • Industry interaction & workshops.
Career options
  • Animation film production studios
  • Television channels
  • Television production houses
  • Ad production houses
  • Gaming companies
  • 100% job placement assistance
  • Industry interaction
  • Job fairs
  • Studio tours
  • Career seminars
  • Creative workshops
  • Illustrator: An Illustrator communicates a story, a message or idea through his/her creative skills in art, design & Images .
  • Graphic Artist: A graphic artist provides design solutions with high visual impact based on client's requirements.
  • Layout Designer: Their job is to recreate the hand-drawn 2D storyboard frames into computer graphics.
  • Design Specialist: Their job is to develop the style, tone, colour & the overall artistic for each and every sequence of the film.
  • Audio Editor: They are responsible for assembling recorded music, audio raw material and creating additional sound effects for the film.
  • Storyboard Artist: They make a series of sketches, a kind of comic book to tell a story and translate the ideas & words into actions & images.
  • Video Editor: A video editor is responsible for assembling recorded video raw material into a finished film, along with the audio editor.
  • Flash Animator: They are the artist or technician, who designs, develops, or produces an animated series of frames in Flash software.
  • 3D Animator: 3D Animator combine the work of all the other departments through specific techniques & software to create the final animation.
  • Rigger: Rigging is a process where you apply bones & skin to a 3D model so that movement of animated character is possible.
  • Character Animator: They bring characters to life by synchronizing visuals to recorded voice-over performance.
  • 3D Compositor: Their job is to creatively combine all the elements into the final product, ensuring that the established style & continuity of the film is maintained.
  • VFX Artist: Visual effects artist create stunning special effects & match them with the live-action elements of feature films & TV commercials so that they all look like one whole frame.
  • Dynamics artist, lighting artist, 3D matte painter, match-moving artist, 3D tracking artist, roto artist, and pre-comp artist are some more interesting job profiles in the animation and multimedia industry.
  • Modules
  • Develop your visualization & graphic skills, and learn audio-video editing, digital filmmaking, and design for print & advertising.
  • Anatomy Study
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Digital Painting
  • 2D Animation Concepts
  • Digital Filmmaking Concepts
  • Production Planning – I
  • Audio-Video Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Storyboarding & Animatics
  • Design Portfolio
  • *You will get a Certificate in AAIP in Graphic & Visual Design (GVD) on completion of the first semester of the course.
  • Modules
  • Create a 3D animation portfolio. Learn all aspects of animation along with crowd simulation techniques.
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing, Lighting & Rendering
  • Rigging
  • Character Animation
  • Dynamics & Realistic Features
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Working with Arnold Renderer
  • Production Planning – II
  • Portfolio Demo Reel
  • * Portfolio Demo Reel Certificate in AAIP in VFX on completion of the first & second semesters of the course.
  • Modules
  • Learn digital compositing: wire removal, colour correction, green/blue screen, match-moving & camera tracking using NUKE.
  • Pre-Visualisation
  • Introduction to Nuke
  • Rotoscopy using Silhoutte & Nuke
  • Wire Removal
  • Colour Correction
  • Green/Blue Screen
  • Matchmoving & Camera Tracking
  • Matte Painting
  • Matchmoving in Mocha
  • Production Planning – III
  • Portfolio Demo Reel
  • You will get a Certificate in AAIP – VFX on completion of all the semesters of the course.


10+2 (Arts/ Science/ Commerce)/ College students


24 months (2 hours a day for 3 days a week.)